Silver Christmas Smash Dome


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This elegant, handmade centrepiece is frosted with chocolatey, icy delights.

Made from deliciously smooth Belgian milk chocolate, this hollow dome is topped with a Belgian white chocolate cap and adorned with an array of  shimmering confectioneries.  Creamy, dark chocolate and salted caramel Lindt Lindor®, Guylian® seashells, Ferrero Rocher®, Bueno®, KitKat®, Lindor®, Terry’s Chocolate Orange® segments, and Maltesers® all finished with a silver lustre.

Now for the fun… SMASH the dome like a piñata, and watch all the chocolatey goodness tumble out- Cadbury Buttons®, Minstrels®, and more Maltesers®!

The smashingly, chocolatey treat you wont want to miss out on this Christmas!


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